Test Clear Urine Review: Reliable Powdered Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test

Dale Porter
By Dale Porter

MPH, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Health Education Specialist

Updated: 2023 Dec 30

I’ve used Test Clear powdered urine several times, and I’ve learned quite a bit about its benefits and limitations.

It’s a cost-effective choice for those who need synthetic urine for just one use. The price is lower compared to other synthetic urines on the market.

However, it’s important to note that while most other kits offer urine for two uses, this one is more economical for a single use only.

If you’re considering it for multiple applications, it might end up being more expensive in the long run.

The kit includes heating options, which are essential for maintaining the urine at the right temperature. Unlike liquid options, this urine comes in powdered form, so it requires some preparation time.

Detailed overview

As an economical option, Test Clear powdered urine is designed for those who need a reliable synthetic urine for one-time use.

Its formula is top-notch, originally used to calibrate lab equipment, which speaks volumes about its quality. I can personally attest that it passes both drug tests and urine validity tests.

It convincingly mimics real urine in appearance, smell, and even foam.

The product is unisex, suitable for both male and female users.

It comes with a 50ml vial, which is more than sufficient for standard drug tests, including DOT.

The vial’s design is discreet, making it easier to conceal on your body.

The kit also includes two heat pads with an adhesive side, simplifying the task of keeping the urine warm. The temperature strip is a handy addition, ensuring you can monitor and maintain the required temperature before submission.

In summary, Test Clear powdered urine is a viable option for those in need of a one-time synthetic urine solution.

It’s affordable, effective, and comes with all the necessary components to ensure a realistic and satisfactory experience.

If you need a reliable solution for a drug test, this product is worth considering.

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Considerations from personal experience

Having tested Test Clear powdered urine multiple times, I’ve come across a few drawbacks worth mentioning.

Firstly, the price point might seem attractive at first glance, but when you consider the quantity provided, it’s not as economical as it appears.

For instance, other synthetic urine kits like Quick Luck are pricier but offer enough for two uses.

So, if you double the cost of Test Clear for two uses, it turns out to be more expensive than some alternatives.

However, for a single use, it certainly helps save some cash.

One concern I have every time I use it is the vial’s cap. It doesn’t seem very spill-proof, and although I’ve never had an accident, the worry that it might spill is always there.

Additionally, unscrewing the cap in the stress-inducing environment of a drug testing bathroom isn’t ideal.

My hands are shaky at that moment, and a flip spout cap would definitely be a more convenient option.

Lastly, the preparation time can be a bit of a hassle.

Since it’s in powdered form, it’s great for long-term storage, but you’ll need a clean water source (tap water isn’t recommended) and at least 5-10 minutes to get it ready.

Is “Test Clear” powdered urine actually real dehydrated urine?

It’s essential to clarify that Test Clear powdered urine isn’t dehydrated human urine, contrary to what some might suggest.

However, this doesn’t mean the quality is compromised.

In fact, it’s used to calibrate lab equipment, ensuring that it contains all the necessary components to pass both drug tests and urine validity tests confidently.

So, while it’s not actual dehydrated human urine, its formulation is sophisticated enough to meet stringent testing requirements.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Drug-free powdered urine
  • 50-ml plastic medical vial
  • Air-activated heater that lasts six hours
  • Temperature strip
  • Instruction sheet that includes hints and tips

The instruction sheet is particularly helpful for those who are using synthetic urine for the first time. It provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the kit effectively.

How to use Test Clear powdered urine to pass a drug test

To use Test Clear powdered urine for passing a drug test, you’ll need to follow these steps carefully.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare, so ensure you allocate enough time before your test.


  1. Dissolve the Powder: Start by pouring the powdered urine from the small vial into the larger 50 ml tube. Fill this tube to the top with clean, preferably bottled water – tap water might contain impurities that could affect the results.
  2. Secure the Cap: Screw the blue cap onto the tube tightly. Although I’ve mentioned concerns about its spill-proof capabilities, it’s crucial to make sure it’s as secure as possible. Turn the tube upside down to check for leaks.
  3. Dissolve Completely: Shake the tube until the powder fully dissolves and you’re left with a solution that mimics real urine.
  4. Attach Temperature Strip: Place the temperature strip on the front of the 50ml tube where you can easily read it.
  5. Heat the Solution: Open the heater package, remove the paper from one heater, and stick it to the backside of the tube, directly opposite the temperature strip. This will help bring the urine to a natural, body-like temperature.


  1. Conceal the Tube: Before heading to the test, find a discreet place on your body to hide the tube. The crotch area is common because it helps maintain the temperature and is less likely to be noticed. Avoid pockets or anywhere you’ll be asked to empty or show during the test. Products like the Incognito Belt can offer more discreet solutions.
  2. Enter the Testing Area: Keep calm as you enter. Any nervousness or fidgeting can draw unwanted attention.


  1. Check Temperature: Once in the testing bathroom, carefully take out the tube and check the temperature strip. It should read between 90 °F to 100 °F (32 °C to 38 °C) – the typical range for fresh urine.
  2. Transfer the Urine: Steadily unscrew the cap and pour the contents into the drug testing cup. Be careful to avoid spilling or making noise.
  3. Hide the Tube Again: Once transferred, immediately conceal the tube back in your hiding spot.


  1. Submit the Sample: Hand over the cup to the drug test collector. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly and the temperature is within the required range, it should pass as a valid sample.

Practicing with water

It is recommended to practice using water before the actual test to get a feel for how the heating pad works.

Take the tube on its own, go to the sink, and put in hot water, driving the temperature off the scale above 100F.

Gently blow on the liquid until the rainbow temperature indicator comes into the 90- to 99-degree range.

This lets you see the rainbow indicator on the temperature strip and gives you experience with bringing the temperature down just in case the temperature rises above 100 degrees.

Remember, while Test Clear powdered urine is designed to mimic real urine closely, ensuring your preparation and execution are discreet and precise is crucial for success.

Test Clear urine vs Incognito Belt

clear choice incognito belt review

The Incognito Belt is quite the stealthy little device, with a urine bag you can discreetly strap to your waist.

It’s packed with high-quality synthetic urine, enough for two uses, and comes with two heat pads and a temperature strip to help you manage the sample’s temperature.

While Test Clear’s powdered urine is more budget-friendly at $60 compared to the Incognito Belt’s $130, the latter offers double the amount of urine and a clever way to carry it unnoticed to a drug testing facility.

So, if you need more urine and a stealthy method to transport it, the Incognito Belt might be worth the extra cost.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a single-use solution and have your own method to sneak it into a drug test, or you’re comfortable hiding a bottle, Test Clear’s option could be a good choice.

It’s all about what suits your specific needs.

Test Clear urine vs Sub Solution

sub solution synthetic urine

Both offer high-quality urine that will pass a drug test without detection.

Sub Solution also provides enough urine for two uses, but it’s the design of their bottle that stands out; it’s spill-proof with a convenient flip spout cap, which makes it easier to handle under the pressure of a testing environment.

However, Sub Solution doesn’t include heat pads. Instead, it has a heat activator powder, which is effective but perhaps not as convenient in the confines of a testing facility bathroom.

You might need to purchase heat pads separately or rely on body heat to maintain the right temperature.

Considering Sub Solution’s price of $90, I find myself leaning towards Test Clear’s urine for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

It seems to offer what most people need without the additional frills and costs.

Test Clear urine vs Quick Luck

quick luck synthetic urine

Quick Luck a premixed synthetic urine that provides enough urine for two uses, much like the Incognito Belt, but with a significant difference: once you use half, you need to freeze the remainder to prevent contamination, which could be a bit of a hassle for some.

The Quick Luck bottle is notably user-friendly, equipped with a flip spout cap that’s incredibly convenient when you’re in a potentially stressful situation like a drug testing bathroom.

Both Quick Luck and Test Clear’s products come with heating pads to help maintain the urine’s temperature, but Quick Luck takes it a step further by including heat activator powder.

This powder is a game-changer, heating up the urine in seconds and potentially saving you a lot of stress as you prepare for the test.

Once it’s at the right temperature, you can use the heating pad to keep it there.

At $105, Quick Luck’s price point is attractive, especially when you consider that it’s designed for two uses.

So, if you foresee needing synthetic urine more than once, Quick Luck seems to offer good value for your money.


In conclusion, Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit is a solid, budget-friendly choice for those who need a simple, one-time solution.

It gets the job done but requires a bit more preparation and care. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive and ready to use, with added features for convenience and temperature control, the Incognito Belt or Quick Luck might be more up your alley.

Each has its advantages, depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

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Reddit reviews of Test Clear powdered urine

On various Reddit forums, discussions about TestClear’s powdered urine reveal a mix of concerns and successes. Here’s a summary of what users are saying:

  1. r/ILTrees Discussion: A user, 2 months sober but still testing positive for THC, considered TestClear as a potential solution for a pre-employment drug test. The outcome wasn’t shared, but the product was viewed as a hopeful option. Source
  2. r/drugtesthelp Discussion: One individual recounted passing five lab-administered drug tests over five years using TestClear. They stressed the importance of maintaining the correct temperature for unobserved tests, marking the product as consistently reliable. Source
  3. r/portlandtrees Discussion: A user looking for alternatives to Quick Fix, which was detected as invalid at Legacy MetroLabs, inquired about TestClear. The post didn’t conclude the product’s effectiveness but indicated the user’s interest in exploring other options. Source
  4. r/drugtesthelp Discussion: A nurse applying to larger teaching hospitals in CO expressed worries about TestClear being recognized as synthetic. While the outcome wasn’t detailed, the post highlighted apprehensions regarding detection in more rigorous testing environments. Source
  5. r/drugtesthelp Discussion: A user shared their successful experience, emphasizing the ease of use and the vital role of temperature management with TestClear. They appreciated the product’s assurance against being flagged as synthetic. Source
  6. r/drugtesthelp Discussion: Another individual, a heavy weed smoker for years, reported passing a pre-employment screening with TestClear. They noted its effectiveness for unsupervised tests and cautioned about the heater’s prolonged heat. Source

Overall, while many users report successful outcomes and emphasize the importance of temperature control with TestClear, concerns about detection in more stringent testing environments and a desire for reliable alternatives are also evident.

Each user’s experience seems to vary based on the specific circumstances of their test.

Official Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended for educational purposes only. The scenarios and information provided herein are entirely hypothetical and are meant to serve only as an educational resource. Under no circumstances does this organization endorse, advocate, or encourage the application of synthetic urine or other products for illicit or unethical activities. We emphasize the paramount importance of strict adherence to all legal and ethical standards. Readers are implored to ensure that any actions they undertake as a result of this information are in complete conformity with the governing laws and medical guidelines of their jurisdiction.