Community Programs

NORCs across the country are creating and facilitating programs for their residents. These programs often include exercise classes, discussion groups, and other services for seniors, like blood pressure checks and assistance in understanding medical coverage. More information about individual community’s programs can be found on our community bulletin board page.

Each month, we will feature a community with an exceptional NORC program. This month, we’re spotlighting the New York NORC.

In addition to the community spotlight, we also have highlights of programs from around the country. Visit our “NORCs News” page to read about NORC programs receiving national attention.

Community Directory

The community directory contains contact information for NORC communities across the country.

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Community Spotlight

This month we focus on the New York NORC program.

Implementation of Drug Testing in NORC-SSP Health Care Management and Prevention Programs

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Development of Drug Testing Protocols for the Older Adult Population in NORC-SSP

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Development of Guidelines and Protocols for Drug Testing in NORC-SSP Communities

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NORCs News

Find out what people are saying about the NORC Initiative.