Dale Porter’s Quick Luck Review: Best for Passing a Drug Test on Short Notice

Dale Porter
By Dale Porter

MPH, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Health Education Specialist

Updated: 2024 Mar 3

As someone who relies on medical marijuana for pain management but also faces regular drug testing by my employer, I understand the need for a trusted and reliable solution that can be quickly accessed.

That’s why I’m writing this review to introduce you to Quick Luck synthetic urine – a product that has gained its reputation as the bestselling urine for a reason.

quick luck synthetic urine

Who The Product Is For

Quick Luck is specifically designed for individuals who require a trusted and reliable solution available on short notice.

Unlike other alternatives like Sub Solution, Quick Luck comes premixed, eliminating the need for additional time-consuming steps.

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What I Find Useful about Quick Luck

Convenient and Discreet: Quick Luck comes premixed, saving you time and effort. The urine bottle features a switch flow spout, eliminating the need to unscrew the cap when submitting your sample. Additionally, the leakproof bottle ensures that the urine remains contained, avoiding any spills or leaks.

Easy to Conceal: The small bottle size makes it easy to hide on your body, whether between your legs, in your crotch, or in a bra. This discreet design allows you to confidently sneak the urine into a drug testing facility without raising any suspicion.

stash leg belt on a leg

Heating Powder and Heat Pads: Quick Luck includes heating powder that warms the urine within seconds, ensuring it reaches the optimal temperature range of 94°F to 100°F.

The package also includes two heat pads that can maintain the urine’s temperature for up to 10 hours, providing flexibility and peace of mind during the testing process.

Temperature Monitoring: Quick Luck is equipped with a temperature strip attached to the bottle, enabling you to easily monitor the urine’s temperature. This ensures that you can check if the urine falls within the normal range and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Undetectable and Long Shelf Life: The formulation of Quick Luck makes it completely undetectable during drug testing. Additionally, it boasts an impressive shelf life of up to 2 years, allowing you to store it for future use.


While Quick Luck offers outstanding benefits, it’s important to mention a couple of downsides.

Tthe price could be lower compared to other alternatives on the market. Additionally, in rare cases, the heat pads included in the kit may fail or require additional time to warm the urine.

This raises the question of whether including heat pads is necessary when the heating powder included in the kit is highly effective on its own.

Quick Luck Alternatives

Quick Luck Vs. Sub Solution

sub solution vs quick luck

When comparing Quick Luck to Sub Solution, both are high-quality Clear Choice fake urine products. However, Quick Luck surpasses Sub Solution in terms of convenience.

As mentioned earlier, Quick Luck is premixed, saving you the trouble of finding filtered water and mixing it with the powder.

This advantage makes Quick Luck ideal for on-the-spot drug testing situations, where time is limited and you need a reliable solution readily available.

Quick Luck Vs. Quick Fix

Quick Fix is a more budget-friendly option, costing less than half the price of Quick Luck. However, when it comes to quality and effectiveness, Quick Luck is unparalleled.

Quick Luck’s formula has been carefully developed to mimic real urine, ensuring it passes physical and chemical scrutiny during drug testing.

While Quick Fix may be sufficient for normal scenarios, Quick Luck’s superior performance and reliability make it the clear choice

How to Use Quick Luck

Using Quick Luck is straightforward, but it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure optimal results:

Safety Seal: Do not break the safety seal until the day of use. Once the seal is broken, the urine will start growing bacteria within a couple of days.

Spout Cap: Once the safety seal is broken, you need to replace the cap with the provided spout cap. This cap closely resembles the flow of urine when poured, further enhancing the authenticity of the sample.

Heating Options: Quick Luck should be heated to an optimal temperature of 94°F to 100°F. There are two heating options available:

Option 1: Heat Pad: Remove the paper backing from the heat pad and stick it to the bottle. It may take up to 1 hour for the urine to reach the optimal temperature.

The heat pad can maintain the urine’s temperature for up to 10 hours, providing an extended window for testing. Remember not to apply more than one heat pad at a time.

Option 2: Heat Activator (Optional): The use of the heat activator is optional but can be beneficial in last-minute situations or when time is limited.

If you find that you haven’t reached the optimal temperature using the heat pad alone, the heat activator can provide a quick boost to reach the desired range.

Temperature Monitoring: To ensure accurate temperature readings, store the bottle with the temperature strip facing away from your body.

To gradually adjust the urine’s temperature, add small amounts of the heating powder at a time, replace the cap, gently shake the bottle, wait for 10 seconds, and then take a temperature reading.

If more heat is required, repeat the process until the optimal temperature range is reached.

Keep in mind that the urine should only feel slightly warm to the touch when it reaches the optimal temperature.

Avoid Overheating: It’s important to note that if your bottle feels warm but you don’t see a temperature reading, it may indicate overheating. Exercise caution to ensure that the urine remains within the acceptable temperature range.

Useful Tips for Passing a Drug Test With Quick Luck

After extensive research on Reddit, I came across numerous success stories shared by people who have successfully used Quick Luck to pass their drug tests.

Here are the top tips from that people:

Purchase from a reliable source: In both stories, the individuals mentioned purchasing Quick Luck from TestNegative.com. It’s important to ensure you’re obtaining the product from a reputable vendor to guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Follow temperature guidelines: Temperature is a crucial factor in passing a urine test. Both individuals mentioned using body heat and warming patches to maintain the desired temperature range (around 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

It’s recommended to carefully follow the instructions provided with the Quick Luck synthetic urine to achieve and maintain the correct temperature.

Practice beforehand: Familiarize yourself with the process of handling and using the synthetic urine. Practice walking, pouring, transferring, and other necessary actions to ensure you’re comfortable and confident during the test.

Verify the temperature: Use an infrared thermometer or temperature strips to double-check the accuracy of the temperature strip on the Quick Luck bottle.

This will help you ensure that the synthetic urine is within the acceptable temperature range when you submit the sample.

Dress and act professionally: Maintain a professional demeanor during the entire testing process. Dress appropriately, be polite to the technicians, and avoid giving any reasons for suspicion. Acting calm and confident can help ease nervousness and reduce suspicion.

Be aware of potential mishaps: Accidents can happen, as seen in the second story where some synthetic urine spilled. It’s important to remain composed and not give away any signs of nervousness or suspicion. Technicians may overlook minor mishaps if they’re flustered or distracted.

Don’t inquire about the results: Asking about the results of the test may raise suspicions. It’s best to be patient and wait for the outcome without drawing attention to yourself.


quick luck synthetic urine

In conclusion, Quick Luck synthetic urine is an exceptional product that provides a reliable solution for passing drug tests, especially on short notice.

Its premixed formula, combined with the included heating powder and heat pads, offers convenience and peace of mind during the testing process.

Although the price could be lower and the heat pads may have occasional issues, the overall performance and effectiveness of Quick Luck make it the best choice on the market today.

Based on my personal experience and extensive research, I wholeheartedly recommend Quick Luck to anyone in need of a trusted and dependable solution to pass a drug test.

Don’t let the fear of failing a drug test jeopardize your job or well-being when a product like Quick Luck can provide a reliable and effective solution.

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