Aging-in-Place Spotlight: Rutgers Study

An Overview of Programs in the National NORCs Aging in Place Initiative: Results from a 2012 Organizational Survey Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey School of Social Work December 1, 2012

While JFNA’s National NORCs Aging in Place Initiative has sunset with Congress’ defunding of Title IV of the Older Americans Act in recent years, the interest in our body of work continues.  This month, Rutgers School of Social Work published an overview of the National Initiative:

Twenty-six of the 29 currently operational (self-identified) NORC supportive service programs that participated in the national initiative undertook a survey and interview for the report.


  • The programs within the National Initiative significantly served impoverished and economically insecure individuals, predominantly female and living alone, with two-thirds 75 and older and one-quarter 85 and older.
  • The programs provided a host of staff provided, volunteer provided, and referral services. High among them: recreational, social, and cultural gatherings; transportation; home health; food shopping; home-delivered meals; friendly visits; and volunteer opportunities, among them.  Additionally, the professional coordination of services was an essential component.
  • The survey provides a concise overview on the background of NORC programs and the National Initiative; organizational characteristics; finances; community setting and participant characteristics; services provided; and organizational governance, collaborations, and community change efforts.

JFNA will continue to pursue Federal support for NORC supportive services programs, the Community Innovations for Aging in Place program, and the advancement of opportunities through Title IV of the Older Americans Act to promote the testing, development and dissemination of efficiencies and innovations in the field of community-based Aging in Place.

The Rutgers’ report will help us to advance these goals.


Rob Goldberg


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