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The NORC Aging in Place Initiative is a program of The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA).  The 157 Federations comprise a community-based network of 1300 health and social services providers that provide humanitarian assistance to millions of people nationally and abroad.

With a focus on serving vulnerable populations, the Federations and their beneficiary agencies dedicate a great deal of attention and resources to serving the older adult population.  This focus is increasing as the number of older adults balloons with the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

In the mid-1980’s UJA Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York began targeting health and social services to older adults who were living in market rate apartment buildings in New York City where older adults were the predominant residents.  These buildings became known as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs).

Through this effort a new paradigm of community-based social services was derived: the NORC-Supportive Services Program (NORC-SSP).  The model promotes healthy aging, independence, and community building through a multifaceted approach.

The key elements consist of: case management and social work services; health care management and prevention programs; education, socialization, and recreational activities; and volunteer opportunities for program participants and the community.

From this early work, tens of thousands of older New York residents are now aging in place with greater dignity, independence, and quality of life through City- and State-supported NORC-SSP programming.

Recognizing the potential for broader applicability of the NORC-SSP model, JFNA embarked on the NORC Aging in Place Initiative in 2001, to seek federal assistance to promote the development and testing of the NORC-SSP model, nationally.  Between fiscal years 2002 and 2008, JFNA helped Federations and their beneficiary agencies to secure federal demonstration grants in 45 communities in 26 states.

The NORC Aging in Place Initiative website is dedicated to promoting the work of the federal NORC demonstration grantees, the NORC-SSP model, and related public policies that advance community-based aging in place programming.

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Overview of Programs in the National NORCs Aging in Place Initiative

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Program Model

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NORC National Public Policy

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Initiative Community Innovations for Aging in Place Program

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