National Dissemination

As part of their NORC demonstrations, each grantee is engaging in dissemination activities to promote and share information about their programs.

This website is itself a dissemination activity supported by the grantees. The NORC Grantees Annual Meeting is another example of dissemination, where all grantees come together to share best practices and exchange ideas and information about their programs.

The following are other examples of individual dissemination activities:

  • Publishing in peer/provider magazines, newsletters, journals, etc.
  • Presenting on community access cable television
  • Generating free press stories
  • Providing in-service training to other local providers
  • Participating in collaborative peer exchanges (on-line or by conference call) to share ideas, questions, and answers among grantees
  • Providing testimony in support of and/or to develop state legislation initiatives
  • Writing new grant proposals that inform national and local organizations about what was accomplished through the federal grant opportunity
  • Participating in national public awareness-advocacy movements to advance NORC- SSPs as a matter of public policy
  • Presenting at national or regional conferences on aging

Examples of community brochures or flyers can be viewed here.