What is NORC SSP?

The NORC Supportive Services Program (NORC SSP) paradigm is a community-based intervention designed to reduce service fragmentation and create healthy, integrated communities in which seniors living in NORCs are able to age-in-place with greater comfort and security in their own homes.

In general, NORC Supportive Services Programs are flexible and responsive to client needs and preferences, which are based upon community and client assessments and changes over time.

Core Program Components of NORC SSPs include:

  • Case management, assistance, and social work services
  • Health care management, assistance, and prevention programs
  • Education, socialization, and recreational activities
  • Volunteer opportunities for program participants

Additional Ancillary Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Adult day care
  • Nutrition and fitness programs
  • Transportation
  • Home and personal care services
  • Congregate meals and meal delivery
  • Information and referral
  • Intergenerational programming, including volunteer opportunities
  • Environmental improvements to promote security and safety (i.e., grab bars, access ramps, lighting, emergency response technology, repairs)
  • Mental health counseling
  • Financial planning
  • Legal advice
  • Chronic care management
  • Other permissible supportive services under the Older Americans Act

Partnerships and Community Engagement

In general, NORC Supportive Service Programs unite housing entities, health and social service providers, government agencies, philanthropic organizations, community organizers and planners, older adults, family caregivers, and other community stakeholders. Examples include:

  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Home Repair/Adaptation partners
  • Local businesses
  • Hospitals

Service Coordination

In general NORC Supportive Service Programs develop an interdisciplinary approach to services and programs offered to older adults with the following components:

  • Lead Agency – There is a lead agency, however, responsible for overall service coordination
  • On Site Programs and Services – NORC Supportive Services and Programs are located in NORC sites or in close proximity to the community
  • Consumer Choice and Engagement – The NORC residents are an essential part of program development, in governance, (setting priorities,) and in voluntary capacities

Prevention Based

In general, NORC Support Service Programs engage clients before crises and respond to their changing needs over time.