The Minority Serving Institutions Community of Partners Council is committed to maximizing relationships to foster government-wide collaborative efforts directed towards Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). 
The Council is also committed to utilizing its members to provide programs, activities, and services that strengthen the capacity of MSIs to provide educational excellence, improve financial and physical infrastructure, and effectively participate in federal procurements.  The Council is further committed to enhancing the impact of federal programs serving MSIs, and preparing students for the nation’s workforce and federal employment.


The Council is comprised of representatives from the federal sector, who administer MSI programs.  The Council envisions building a viable coalition comprised of these individuals for the purpose of ensuring federal programs and resources are maximized to meet the needs of MSIs and the intended beneficiaries.


The Council has multiple purposes, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing resources, establishing relationships, and building partnerships to promote the interest of MSIs, their students and faculty
  • Examining best practices and approaches to delivering programs and activities
  • Helping to stimulate renewed academic interest in fields important to accomplishing the work of the federal government
  • Assisting to strengthen the educational infrastructure of MSIs
  • Conducting outreach activities including advocating for, keeping stakeholders abreast of, and identifying and addressing concerns related to MSIs, their students and faculty
  • Providing assistance and resources needed to achieve these and related purposes