V30. Hazardous Materials (Cargo Only)**


Indication of whether or not the motor vehicle had a hazardous materials placard as required by Federal/State regulations, and whether or not hazardous materials were released. (Refer to Appendix K for chart displaying hazardous materials classes and reporting information.)

Element Attributes:
Subfield 1: Did this motor vehicle display a hazardous materials (HM) placard?

Yes (go to Subfield 2)
Not Applicable

Subfield 2: If Subfield 1 answer is “Yes,” record from the hazardous materials placard

1) 4-digit Hazardous Materials ID number or name taken from the middle of the diamond or from the rectangular box; and
2) 1-digit Class number from bottom of diamond

Subfield 3: Release of hazardous materials from the package (cargo compartment):

Hazardous materials that were released from the package (cargo compartment) should be documented whether or not the motor vehicle displayed a placard.

Not Applicable


(**Required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration CFR 350.201.)  FMCSA devotes special attention to motor carriers that transport hazardous materials (HM), including calculating risk assessments, determining response methods, imposing tighter regulations and conducting compliance reviews on a higher percentage of HM carriers.  Getting good data on crashes involving trucks carrying HM and whether HM are spilled during the crashes helps FMCSA focus law enforcement efforts.  This data element is collected at the scene because FMCSA requires reporting within 90 days.