V28. Vehicle Configuration**


Indicates the general configuration of this motor vehicle. (Refer to Appendix K for a chart displaying types of truck configurations.)

Element Attributes:

Vehicle 10,000 pounds or less placarded for hazardous materials
Single-Unit Truck (2-axle and GVWR more than10,000 lbs)
Single-Unit Truck (3 or more axles)
Truck Pulling Trailer(s)
Truck Tractor (Bobtail)
Truck Tractor/Semi-Trailer
Truck Tractor/Double
Truck Tractor/Triple
Truck More Than 10,000 lbs, Cannot Classify
Bus/Large Van (seats for 9-15 occupants, including driver)
Bus (seats for more than 15 occupants, including driver)


(**Required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration CFR 350.201.) This data element provides information about the general configuration of the motor vehicle that is important to evaluate the types of motor vehicles that have the most crashes and the effectiveness of various safety countermeasures. This data element is collected at the scene because FMCSA requires reporting within 90 days.