P8. Restraint Systems / Motorcycle Helmet Use


The restraint equipment in use by the occupant, or the helmet use by a motorcyclist, at the time of the crash.

Element Attributes:
Subfield 1: Restraint Systems

Not Applicable
None Used-Motor Vehicle Occupant
Shoulder and Lap Belt Used
Shoulder and Lap Belt Used
Lap Belt Only Used
Restraint Used Type Unknown
Child Restraint System Forward Facing
Child Restraint System Rear Facing
Booster Seat
Child Restraint Type Unknown

Subfield 2: Helmet Use

DOT-Compliant Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet, Other Than DOT-Compliant Motorcycle Helmet
Helmet, Unknown If DOT-Compliant
No Helmet
Unknown If Helmet Worn


Proper classification of the use of available occupant restraint systems and helmet use is vital to evaluating the effectiveness of such equipment.