P5. Injury Status


The injury severity level for a person Involved in a crash. The determination of which attribute to assign should be based on the latest information available at the time the report is completed, except as described below for fatal Injuries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some attribute names and definitions have changed from the 3rd Edition of MMUCC even though the “KABCO” acronym remains. Most notably, “Suspected Serious Injury” (A) has replaced “Incapacitating Injury” and “Suspected Minor Injury” (B) has replaced “Non-incapacitating Injury.”

Element Attributes:

Fatal Injury (K)
Suspected Serious Injury (A)
Suspected Minor Injury (B)
Possible Injury (C)
No Apparent Injury (O):


Necessary for injury outcome analysis and evaluation. This element is also critical in providing linkage between the crash, EMS, and hospital records.