P24. Non-Motorist Actions/Circumstances at Time of Crash


The actions/circumstances of the non-motorist that may have contributed to the crash. This data element is based on the judgment of the law enforcement officer investigating the crash.

Element Attributes:
Subfield 1: Non-Motorist Contributing Action/Circumstance 1

No Improper Action
Failure to Yield Right-Of-Way
Failure to Obey Traffic Signs, Signals, or Officer
In Roadway Improperly (Standing, Lying, Working, Playing)
Disabled Vehicle Related (Working on, Pushing, Leaving/Approaching)
Entering/Exiting Parked/Standing Vehicle
Inattentive (talking, eating, etc.)
Not Visible (Dark Clothing, No Lighting, etc.)
Improper Turn/Merge
Improper Passing
Wrong-Way Riding or Walking

Subfield 2: Non-Motorist Contributing Action/Circumstance 2

See attributes in Subfield 1


The development of effective roadway design and operation, education, and enforcement measures to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists and prevent crashes with motor vehicles is enhanced by the collection of the actions and circumstances at the time of the crash.