P14. Driver Actions at Time of Crash


The actions by the driver that may have contributed to the crash. This data element is based on the judgment of the law enforcement officer investigating the crash and need not match Violation Codes (P15).

Element Attributes:
Driver Actions (Subfields 1-4)

No Contributing Action
Ran Off Roadway
Failed to Yield Right-of-Way
Ran Red Light
Ran Stop Sign
Disregarded Other Traffic Sign
Disregarded Other Road Markings
Improper Turn
Improper Backing
Improper Passing
Wrong Side or Wrong Way
Followed Too Closely
Failed to Keep in Proper Lane
Operated Motor Vehicle in Reckless or Aggressive Manner
Operated Motor Vehicle in Inattentive, Careless, Negligent, or Erratic Manner
Swerved or Avoided Due to Wind, Slippery Surface, Motor Vehicle, Object, Non-Motorist in Roadway, etc.
Other Contributing Action


When two or more motor vehicles are engaged in a speed-related competition on the trafficway.