C19. Work Zone – Related (Construction/Maintenance/Utility)


A crash that occurs in or related to a construction, maintenance, or utility work zone, whether or not workers were actually present at the time of the crash. ‘Work zone-related’ crashes may also include those involving motor vehicles slowed or stopped because of the work zone, even if the first harmful event occurred before the first warning sign. See Appendix I for a diagram of the work zone area.

Element Attributes:
Subfield 1: Was there a crash in or near a construction, maintenance, or utility work zone?

Yes (complete Subfields 2-5)

Subfield 2: Location of the Crash:

Before the First Work Zone Warning Sign
Advance Warning Area
Transition Area
Activity Area
Termination Area

Subfield 3: Type of Work Zone:

Lane Closure
Lane Shift / Crossover
Work on Shoulder or Median
Intermittent or Moving Work

Subfield 4: Workers Present:


Subfield 5: Law Enforcement Present:

Officer Present
Law Enforcement Vehicle Only Present


Example 1
Example 2
Example 3


Important to assess the impact on traffic safety of various types of on-highway work activity, to evaluate Traffic Control Plans used at work zones, and to make adjustments to the Traffic Control Plans for the safety of workers and the traveling public. This data element needs to be collected at the scene because work zones are relatively temporary or moving operations that are not recorded in permanent road inventory files.