2023 MSI Creating a Presence Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Conference Program Brochure and Schedule at a Glance with

2023 Conference Brochure (7mb PDF file)


Monday, September 21, 2023

  • Exhibit Hall Set Up
  • Conference Registration
  • Reception Meet and Greet with Local Congressional and Affinity Group Representatives 

 Tuesday, September 22, 2023

Plenary Sessions

  • Opening Plenary
  • White House Educational Initiatives on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (WHI-HBCUOverview.pdf ),  Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, and Tribal Colleges and Universities
  • Partnerships and Leveraging Funding Opportunities: Agency and Public-Private Partnerships               2023kwhiteplenary.pdf                                                                                                                                                   USAIDMSI_DallasIntlPartnershipsLever.pdf   Partnerships-leveraging-Dallas-09-22.pdf                                                                                                                      NSFPartnershipProgramsKorsmo.ppt
  • Funding Opportunity Partnerships Integrating Research and Education to Develop Faculty and Students and National Laboratories and Research Center msiconference_092309MackNSF.pptx   FundingOpport-Partnerships-Dallas-9-.pdf  MSIConferenceSeptMiltonDOE.pdf
  • Leadership Lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Partnerships  MSIPresentation_ElilzabethCityStatea.pdf

Showcases Demonstrating Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and Opportunities

Track 1

  • NRC Nuclear Education Grant Program and NRC’s Minority Serving Institutions Program   NRCEducationGrantPrograms-Dallas9-22.ppt  FinalMSICapacityBldgMSIPSmithHubbard.pdf
  • USAID Ethiopian Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Program Implemented by Prairie View A&M University msi-conference-9-22-09RichardsPVAMU.pdf and Langston University ESGPIPDC9-09revisedMSIConf09-22-09.pdf
  •  Census Numbers Count  2019Censuscomingtoyourcommunitysoon.pdf

Track 2

  • Department of Energy Faculty and Student Teams (FaST) Program  FaSTProgram_MSI2.pdf
  • USAID Hispanic Serving Institution and Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ International Partnerships that Benefit Educational and Business Communities  ITHUBA_presentation.pdf
  • Tribal Colleges and Universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic Serving Institutions Involved in NRC Minority Serving Institutions Program  NRCSupportToPUPRKettani.pdf            Dallas_09NRCSupportedProgramsLewisSC.pdf   COUNTWorkshopDallasMSI2023TSU.pdf

Afternoon Plenary Session

  • Affinity Organizations: Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), and National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher education (NAFEO)

Evening Sessions

  • Minority Serving Institutions – Community of Partners Council
  • DOE Faculty and Student Teams (FAST) Faculty Focus Group
  • Networking Among Affinity Groups, MSIs, and Agency Representatives

Wednesday, September 23, 2023

Opening Plenary Session: Yesterday and Today

Morning Concurrent Sessions

Track 1 – Funding Opportunities

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Opportunities for MSIs  ARRAOLCAShort2.pdf   MSIStimulusOpportunities.pptx
  • Funding Opportunities for Computing and Cyberinfrastructure  HighPerformanceComputingClassDOEORN.pptx  MimiaPPCyberInfrastructureNSF.pdf
  • Infrastructure and Institution Sustainability – Equipment and Facilities   MSI_InstrumentationInfrastructureB.pdf  2023ERLEPresentationFINAL.ppt    USDA Resources http://docs.google.com/a/www.norcs.org/fileview?id=0B1SF-YzknVZqMzU4ZjljZmEtZDQzYS00YTYzLTg3ZTQtYTU3MjNmZWRhNWEw&hl=en

Track 2 – Compliance

  • Civil Rights Compliance Requirements with Federal Funding   NRCCompliancePresentation9-23-09.pptx        FMCSMediationOverview2023-NRC.pdf
  • Environmental Justice
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Programs for Persons with Disabilities  New_Schedule_A_Training_Draft1Brodd.pptx
  • Direction and Guidance for Complying Disability Laws Under 504

Track 3 – Student and Faculty Development Track

  • Critical Skills for Faculty and Student Curriculum and Program Development  MSI2023NNSACriticalSkills.pdf
  • Internships, Scholarships, Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignments, and Grants for Individuals   2023DallasInternships.pdf             COPCPresentationBerginNSF.pdf                MSI-TA-USAIDSTUDENTPROGRAMS.ppt
  • Job Searching Techniques

Networking Lunch

Afternoon Concurrent Session

Track 1 – Agency Funding Opportunities and Enhancing MSI Presence

  • Department of Commerce NOAA/OSDBU Programs  AgencyFundingMSIHuffNOAA.pdf
  • Creating a Presence Workshop

Track 2 – Writing Proposals and

Evaluating Projects

  • Proposal Grant Writing   proposalwritingPresentation1.ppt  MSISept2023ILAAAMU.pdf 
  • Partnership Accountability – Evaluation, Accountability and Sustainability in Project Design and Partnership Relations                       kbPartnershipAccountabilityPresentat.pdf          MSIConference2023Campbell.ppt

Track 3 – Compliance: Grants and Contracts

  • Grants: Pre- and Post-Award Requirements       iiMSITAWkshopSept09PresleyJSU.pptx     MSI-Dallas092023ComplianceGrantsShaw.pdf         
  • Contracts: Pre-and Post-Award Requirements  CONTRACTS.pptx

Evening Plenary Session

  • Getting Involved in the Agency Peer Review Process

Thursday, September 24, 2023

Morning Plenary Session

  • Transformational Science Valdez_OfficeofScienceOverview.pdf

Morning Concurrent Sessions                                        

Track 1 – International

  • International Partnerships and Voices From the Field  Olson–MSIConferenceSeptember242023D.ppt  MSImtgDallasSept2023MurdyNSF.pdf    PIREprogramatNewMexico.pdf
  • International Funding Opportunities  MSI-COPCHoltUSDA.pdf  USAIDMSI_DallasInternationalFundingO.pdf  MSI-COPCFASStrategy2023.pdf
  • International Trade Panel – Global Marketplace

Track 2 – Student and Faculty Development

  • Financial Education

Track 3 – Compliance

  • Compliance-Based Research: The Benefits and Costs   BUSCHMSIDallasTXSept2023.pdf
  • Inventions, Intellectual Property, Innovations and I-Edison   EyeingInnovationSmartTankPresentatio.pdf

Track 4 – All-Day Training Session: High Speed, High Stakes: Closing the Digital Divide in Minority Communities, Broadband Technology Opportunities

Track 5 –  All-Day Training Session: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Grants Workshop